How Much Pressure does a Log Splitter have to Generate to Split Elm Wood?

electric log splitter work

Elmwood is one of the hardest varieties of wood and it is only a high quality log splitter that may be used to cut such wood into several different parts quickly and easily. The log splitter is a useful tool to own for all those who need to split wood on a regular basis, whether for personal or professional reasons. To know how much force a log splitter needs to exert in order split elm wood in a smooth and efficient manner, read on.

Ideally the roughneck manual log splitter that is being used to split elm wood should be one that is powered by gas and works on a hydraulic mechanism. Only then can you expect this log splitter to break down large chunks of hardwood in a short period of time. The force exerted by the log splitter to split elm wood should be at least 25 to 30 tons on an average. There are some log splitters in the market that are capable of generating as much as 34 tons as well. You need to assess how much elm wood you need to split before you choose the log splitter for the job. Electric log splitters and hydraulic log splitters that generate a similar force can also be used to split Elmwood.

The log splitters that generate 20 to 30 tons and which are used to split Elmwood should not be used too regularly if these are to function well enough over a considerable period of time. By using such log splitters extensively you may just reduce their shelf life by quite a few years and thus have to throw them away sooner than you would like to. Instead, it would be a better idea to deploy them every now and then to split the Elmwood, giving the machines sufficient rest in between.